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Do you have a skin care routine? We all have ways in which we take care of our skin, by using several skin care products, to protect it from damage and avoid the signs of aging. Do you have a hair care regimen? Of course! All women are crazy particular about how their hair looks. I know I am. We all go to lengths to ensure that our hair looks gorgeous. But, let me ask you this; do you have a scalp care routine? Odds are that you don’t have one.

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The same applied to me, until I realized that my scalp was actually dry and irritated. I was not taking enough care of my dry scalp. It had to stop. Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp can experience issues like dryness and itchiness, and as a result, your hair can emerge damaged and unhealthy, making regular scalp care an essential part of your skin care regimen. Healthy hair goes hand in hand with a healthy scalp.

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I’m caring for my scalp with the Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner, which was recently upgraded with more moisturizers.Another new step I’ve incorporated into my scalp care routine is The Head & Shoulders Root Rejuvenating Pre-Wash Mask with tea tree extract. It invigorates roots and helps to purify and restore the scalp for visibly healthier hair.

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Like all super heroes, sidekicks are a crucial part of any duo. It is important to use your Head & Shoulders Conditioner with its corresponding Shampoo

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All in all, ever since I started using Head & Shoulders for my dry scalp treatment, I have felt that my hair has not only grown stronger but it looks luscious and it has a great soft touch. This is a dry scalp treatment that every woman should add to her skin care routine. So, go get your bottles (and masks!) of Head & Shoulders and start your journey towards a healthier scalp.

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