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City life is fun and all, but every now and then you need an escape to just relax and be at a distance from the fast paced urban life. When it comes to a vacation, we like to do it in style. On our trip to Bermuda, we decided to stay at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. Definitely one of the top hotels on the island, this hotel has so much to offer. The best thing? It is near the beach, so you can maximize your beach fun time. 

hamilton princess marina

Our stay at the hotel was for 3 nights and not for once did we experience an inconvenience. The staff is very courteous and professional. They are willing to help you with everything and always greet you with a smile. We believe that the hotel staff is a huge make or break factor, and we were pleasantly surprised with their efficient service. 

Hamilton princess hotel

You can find 3 amazing restaurants at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, if you are in the mood for fine dining or even a regular lunch/dinner. The one that stood out for us was the Marcus Restaurant, which serves the most delicious ribs. We are definitely dining their again whenever we visit Bermuda next, just for those awesome ribs! 

Hamilton Beach Club

If you want to spend the whole day at the beach, you can do it in style at the hotel’s beach club. It is everything you want with a beach club. The best mix of luxury and comfort, with the amazing views of the beach. They also have a marina, where you can rent boats for sailing in the ocean. If you are not a sailing person, you can always hire their water sports equipment and make a day out of it. 

1909 Restaurant Hamilton

When I said it has so much to offer, I wasn’t kidding. It is just a 5 minute walk from the center of the Hamilton town, where you can find many shops, bars and restaurants. So, you can experience the local cuisine and get a few drinks to your liking. 

Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club

The hotel is so beautiful, with a powder pink exterior and elegant architecture. Indoors are just as impressive and beautifully designed. If you want great pictures for your Instagram, you need not go anywhere, because you will find the best locations at the hotel. 

Hamilton Princess Marina

Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club is kids friendly too. They have a kids club which is equipped with lots of toys and fun activities for your kids to enjoy. Talk about a complete experience! There is a piano room, which is great for enjoying music, or taking pictures with it (or on it, in our case…lol). 

We had the best experience here, and we will definitely choose it again for our next trip. We think that you should too, if you are planning a trip to Bermuda. 


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