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This year we have been blessed with exceptional travel opportunities around the world, and one of the most frequent questions we get asked on our social media channels and emails is how did you guys do this and that. Well, with that notion in mind, we decided to partner with our good friends at Uber for a fun yet informative 72-hour city guide from one of our recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal. In this guide, you'll find the how’s, what and #WhereTo do anything in this beautiful city. Hope you guys enjoy. 


Lisbon is indeed a unique city full of history, beautiful architecture, pleasant weather and many other exciting things. Our Lisbon experience began in New York running late to JFK airport as usual... #bloggerslife...just kidding. We made in time due to our scheduled pickup ride via the Uber app. At the airport, it was the regular stuff one can expect, but the lines weren't too bad, and the check-in counter at TAP Portugal airlines was sweet and short. Yes, we suggest that the best way to get there is via TAP, they offer an outstanding service, food was good, flight attendants were friendly and above all the flight was not delayed, so the relatively short 6-hour flight to Lisbon was comfortable. 


Our arrival was swift in Lisbon, after clearing customs we wanted to hit the ground, so we had an uberX pick us up at the designated area in the airport. One valuable advice we love to share is to engage with your driver by asking them questions about the place you're visiting. They are the best medium of information about a location and can give you the best info because they go everywhere and equally important are locals of the area, so they know best. Our driver informed us of the cool spots to visit, the good restaurants and even when was the ideal time to visit famous tourist areas. All in all, speaking and learning from a local is better than from someone else. 

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As far as accommodation in Lisbon, you won't have a problem finding your hotel of choice. This modern city has many different options; from your branded hotels, boutique alternatives and even you can use an Airbnb. For our hotel, we chose to stay at the As Janelas Verdes in the Lapa sector of Lisbon. This distinct property has a different design aesthetic that exudes a timeless glam, another great perk of this hotel was its proximity to some of the most sought out monuments we had planned to visit. All in all, a lovely place to stay when you are in Lisbon. 


After some refreshing, we hit the town to find some local food since we were starving. Many of the restaurants in the area specialize in seafood or at least have some fish on the menu. In the end, we ended up in Canta da Villa Bistro - a Portuguese and Brazilian eatery that has a cozy and charming ambiance which reminded us of an old town cute mom and pops restaurant. We try the bruschetta, the risotto, and the passion fruit for dessert. This unique little spot has delicious food and it's close to some exciting places to see.


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Yes, guys, Lisbon has tons of historical places to see and fun-to-do things as well. One of the first places we visited was the Torre de Belem, this 16th-century monument serves and highlights Portugal's age of discovery in land and sea. This site is excellent for photos guys so make sure to have a cute outfit.  Close to the tower and equally meaningful is the dramatic work of art in stones for Prince Henry the Navigator's monument - Padrao dos Descubrimientos. For more amazing places, you can take a short Uber ride to Praca do Comercio which we like not only for its architectural beauty but also for its proximity to the shops and restaurants where you can find local artisans and tasty cuisines. 

Here we want to highlight some additional information, we believe could be useful for your next trip to Lisbon:


  • Heritage Avenida Liberdade
  • Hotel Britania
  • Solar Dos Castelo
  • Hotel Lisboa Plaza


  • uberX
  • Good old walking
  • Lisbon Tramway (Doesn't go everywhere but it's a great one time experience)


  • Canta da Villa Bistro: cozy and charm
  • Gambrinus: authentic Portuguese food
  • Bica do Sapato: hip restaurant


  • Miradouro de Santa Luzia
  • Rossio Square
  • Castelo de S. George


  • Chiado: opulent neighborhood with gourmet coffee shops and restaurants
  • LX Factory: a creative destination where art, music, and fashion meet
  • Specialty Museum: Museum Nacional dos Coches
Lisbon Architecture

All in all, our time in Lisbon was spectacular. We had such a great time learning about the culture, taking beautiful photos and enjoying all the attractions the city has to offer. We highly recommend that the next time you plan a Euro trip to consider a stopover in Lisbon, TAP has a generous program which we believe is truly enticing. Special thanks to our friends at Uber for helping us create this Lisbon city guide for you guys, we hope you find it useful on your next trip. Take care; we'll catch you on the next one.

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