Weekend Getaway in Virginia Beach


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One of the places that we’ve always wanted to visit was Virginia Beach. Recently, we had the opportunity to head to VA for the weekend and we truly had an incredible time there. In this post, we want to highlight activities and places to go other than the actual beach itself, basically think #BeyondTheBeach. 

Getting There

Getting to Virginia Beach is really simple, their main airport is located in Norfolk and its only about 20 minutes from VA and it serves most of the cities around the country. For us, traveling from New York it was a short flight via Delta. Another major airline we noticed that travels to the area is United airlines. 


Virginia Beach has plenty of options for you to get some rest. For this stay, we went with the Oceanaire hotel resort, that’s conveniently steps from the beach. But, there are other great options; one of the most impressive ones was The Cavalier Hotel, where we spent plenty of quality times at their bar and restaurants. This property recently went through a 75 million dollars renovation which, you’ll notice as soon as you step on their lobby. Overall, an incredible place to stay or visit. 


As far as dining is concerned, we went to several places to enjoy some of the local restaurants. For breakfast, we tried Commune, which, is a farm-owned restaurant that serves almost everything fresh and organic, even the ketchup..lol. If you go on a weekend and want to have some delicious brunch, we highly recommend Becca, If the beautiful garden design aesthetic doesn’t get you that food will. Another great option is Baja restaurant, this iconic place has been serving delicious meals for nearly 40 years and has awesome views of the back bay. Remember, think #BeyondTheBeach. 

Things to do

As we mentioned above, our goal for our getaway weekend in VA was to explore wonderful places beyond the beach. One of the places we visited was the Military aviation museum which is about a 15 to 20-minute ride from the beach. We loved this place because it taught us a little bit about history, and equally important for us bloggers, was the opportunity to take some beautiful photos with some of the coolest military aircraft ever. One fun place to explore is the Cape Henry Lighthouse, located at the Chesapeake Bay. A fun fact about this lighthouse that it was first official lighthouse structured authorized by our first president, George Washington. Another really cool spot to wander is First Landing State Park, an incredible place that features interpretive trails through ponds, dunes, forest and other areas to have fun. 

This weekend getaway in Virginia Beach was truly different from other destinations that we’ve visited in the past. We loved how the area offers more than your typical beautiful beach. This place offers things #BeyondTheBeach, rich with American history, diverse cuisines, and an overall rewarding experience. If you are looking for something different, we highly recommend to visit Virginia Beach.


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