Top 3 Must-Have Sandals For Summer Travel


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Summer is the season to travel. Beaches, mountains, or exotic locations; in whatever place you are visiting this season, you must be well-prepared for the adventures to come. While packing for your vacation, you are always short on space. You must fit all your necessary items in the little luggage space that is available to you – this makes it difficult to bring matching shoes for all your outfits. But what if I told you that you could choose just three sandals, and still rock all your outfits? Sounds great, right? I love shopping for shoes at DSW for this reason!

When I was planning my trip to Tulum, Mexico I wanted to challenge my wardrobe by wearing shoes from just one brand. I Kelly & Katie chose Kelly & Katie , a brand that is only available at DSW . Happy with the results, I want to share this hack with all of you. I decided to take three gorgeous sandals with me: the Tinley sandal in black, the Camelliah sandal in mauve pink and the Devyn wedge sandal in white. Here is why I would recommend for you to do the same:

  • Lightweight: All three sandals were super light so carrying them wasn’t an issue because they did not add any weight to the luggage. They also used up very little space. A huge bonus!
  • Versatility: These three different sandals could be paired with loads of different outfits. The black Tinley flats were perfect for a casual look. The white strap Devyn espadrille wedge heels accent my day look. The trendy Camelliah heels were a great match for my dresses whenever I want to kick my outfit up a notch. I love that DSW carries a lot of styles, colors, and sized for me to choose from for not just me, but also my entire family.
  • Comfortable: All three sandals were extremely comfortable to wear. I wore them for hours while exploring the local area and my feet did not feel sore.
  • Durable: The sandals remained reliable throughout my adventurous trip. I walked, hiked, danced, and ran. No matter what scenarios I put them through, my sandals didn’t let me down.
  • Trendy: Last but not least, all three sandals are super cute and trendy. You can’t go wrong with a pair of espadrille for the summer. Each sandal instantly freshened up my look without compromising comfort for style. You can have the best of both worlds! I received so many compliments during my trip and everybody asked me where I got my sandals from. I always said: DSW !

All in all, my trip would not have turned out as great as it did, if it wasn’t for great sandals from DSW . I highly recommend these three styles, but you can choose from a wide range of options available at or at your local store. Don’t forget to tell me how your trip went!


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