5 Things to Wear in Tulum

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Just in case you’re sitting right in front of your empty suitcase wondering what to wear on an exciting trip to Tulum, this article has everything you need to know. Beaches are usually very challenging since they involve heat, water and sand. And these are the three different elements that call for a completely different wardrobe — particularly if you are a resident in a cold city. Even if someone lives in a hot city, there’s still a high chance that you’re not usually worried about how rapidly your clothes dry up or if they will take in dirt charitably. Following article shows the things you’ll need to wear in Tulum:

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  • Comfortable Shoes: You will want to pack a handy shoe which depends on how light you’re packing. Mexico can be really dusty, sandy and dirty soon. It is safe to pack up three pairs of shoes in a carry on: light-weight sneakers, sandals and heels. It is best if a traveller tries and packs everything in a similar color scheme so that there’s no problem in matching. Black sneakers are great because they hide dirt better. Additionally, black sneakers match perfectly with a sweatshirt and leggings, which is often the normal plane clothing. The shoes must be light in weight and they must be mesh on top so as to help smoosh them in your suitcase. 

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  • Light Colors: When it comes to the colors for the really hot Mexico, it is best to go for lighter colors but try sticking to browns, blacks and greens or denim for shorts. It won’t be very practical to pack white shorts for any trip. Whites do have a tendency of getting dirty sooner than you know so you might as well just avoid it. Therefore, it is preferable to wear light palette colors.

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  • Dresses: Try to choose a collection of summer dresses which could be a short piece and has long flowy sleeves or rather a dreamy maxi with attached spaghetti straps. A maxi white dress should be ideal for women and shorts for men.

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  • Shorts: As far as shorts are concerned, you must avoid thick denim shorts because it literally will just add to the heat which you’ll experience everywhere in the Caribbean. It’s better if you go for looser fits and thinner fabrics. At temperatures of about 100°F, your clothes will just feel stickier, and really tight pants would just make everything worse. 

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  • Linen Clothes: Linen clothes are really light and soft as well as airy to wear in the heat and humidity as you might experience in Tulum.


What good is a trip to such an amazing beach when you won’t be wearing the perfect outfit to match with the weather? Hopefully this article would’ve helped you with just what you need to wear at Tulum and enjoy your trip!

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