Halloween Family Costume Idea On A Budget

Addams Family Costume Idea
addams family

Halloween for our family is always a fun time. We love to dress up and, more importantly, have fun while enjoying this experience as a family. For our first costume this year, we decided to dress up as the Addams Family to show you guys how you can accomplish this look on a friendly budget. This whole experience was super fun, straightforward, and an excellent way to enjoy Halloween with your family.

Now, we want to breakdown our budget so you guys can get a better sense of how affordable this Halloween Addams Family experience could be.

Rosanna: wig was from Amazon for $18.99, the black dress was from Rosanna's wardrobe.

Winston: the pinstripe suit and bow tie were from Winston's wardrobe.

Chanell: her costume was from Amazon for $20.85

Paris: her cute little costume was from Amazon for $13.99

Misc items: makeup from Target for 6.99 and the hand prop from Amazon for $12.91

All in all, dressing up as the Addams Family was a cool and fun experience for our family. At the same time, it was super affordable. Special thanks to Geri Torres for capturing these images and for enduring our crazy family...jk Happy Halloween and see next Sunday with a new episode of our GlamDapperFamily Halloween edition content.


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