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I have been a victim of bad hair days for way too long. I knew it was time to change this. I had used all the expensive hair repair products and treatments, but the results were not good at all. This is why I was so excited when Pantene came out with their 14 Day Challenge. The terms were simple. Use the Pantene Repair & Protect Collection – Shampoo, and Conditioner for 14 days and experience the change. My trust in Pantene’s repairing abilities pushed me to be a part of this challenge. I got the Shampoo and Conditioner and made a self-goal of using it every day to get my hair the way I want them; long, strong and shiny!

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So, the first day that I washed my hair with Pantene, I noticed that my hair was easily detangled in the shower. It was such an easy task to comb them for styling. If you want to test the results, apply Pantene on one side and leave the other side unwashed. Run your fingers through the hair, and you will see how easily they detangle. It felt so right, and I was beaming with joy the whole time. It was like knowing you had found the right path on the journey to your end goal. Impressed with the initial results, I was even more motivated to keep using the products for 13 more days, regularly.

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On the 7 day mark, the results had continued to improve. My hair was now visibly shinier, vibrant and had way more volume than before. The dulled color and damaged hair had been entirely replaced with shiny, even toned and strong hair. A simple picture test showed me how my hair looked when I started and how amazing they looked at the 7 days point.

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Now, the moment of truth, the final stop; we have reached the 14 day mark! It is safe to say that the Pantene Repair & Protect Collection – Shampoo and Conditioner has completely repaired my hair. I noticed significantly less breakage, which is good news because my hair lacked strength when I started. My hair now has a luscious, natural shine, much more volume and extremely manageable. My hair flows better, rather than being stiff. Such happiness!

Are you sick of having bad hair days? Done with hair breakage bringing you down? It is time to try the Pantene 14 Day Challenge like I did, and experience your life change right in front of your eyes. So, what are you waiting for?

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