Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations With Uber’s “Los Ubers”


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National Hispanic Heritage Month is a great way to acknowledge the numerous contributions made to the society by the Latino community. Being Latinos, there may be times in life when one may feel under-appreciated. However, times like these, restore our community’s faith in our abilities and help us feel appreciated and celebrated.

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For us, Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating the Hispanic culture, diversity and our roots from the Dominican Republic. Coming together and embracing each other for who we are, enjoying that many different delicious foods and dancing to some salsa, merengue and/or bachata. All the while, remembering the great members of the Latinx community and their contributions to the society.

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It only gets better when mainstream brands like Uber, join the efforts to provide the Latino community with equal opportunity and empower them to achieve their goals. Uber’s employee research group Los Ubers promises to create a better corporate culture by advocating for Latinx community in and outside of Uber. It focuses on empowering and celebrating Latinos. Developing and retaining Latinx talent to succeed at Uber and beyond. Attracting #AllTheGreatMinds to join the Uber familia.

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Recently, Uber held a Salsa + Sabor event at their NYC office, in order to reflect and celebrate the rich Latinx cultural history of the past and present, under its Los Ubers initiative. We had the opportunity to attend the event and had a wonderful experience. It had all the right components to respectfully acknowledge the Hispanic culture. A number of Latinos from the Uber community were in attendance to celebrate their community’s roots. We enjoyed eating the delicious food; Latin cuisine is one of the best! Several fun trivia games had been arranged for the attendants, which we loved. Sweet Latin music tunes were playing in the background to set the mood. A variety of beverages provided the guests with a great opportunity to have conversations and get to know each other. Engaging in a dialog was the best way to learn about people and their culture. We were happy to see that people from other communities were also present, which gave us a chance to connect with them and share with them our culture and roots.

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The experience of attending the Salsa + Sabor event reaffirmed our faith in the positive role corporations like Uber are playing to acknowledge and bring opportunities to the Latinx community. Not only are they a ride request app, but they are also offering a great platform to Latinos in and outside of Uber.

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