Cidre Season With Stella Artois

Maple Shade Farm

Cidre season is here and we were invited for the launch by Stella Artois, among other fellow Instagramers and bloggers, at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge. In this post, I am going to take you through the wonderful (read Cidre-tastic) time we had at the launch. Let’s get started!

Scribners Lodge

First off, we took a ride to Starbucks at the 3rd Avenue, NY, where we met everyone else for the departure to Catskill Lodge. Upon arriving at the lodge, we were shown to our cozy rooms and we had some free time to explore the lodge and its surroundings. Nature in autumn colors is just amazing. In the evening we joined the others in the lounge area for cocktail time (yayyy)! We were served some of the best cidre cocktails we have ever tasted. Among the cocktails were Stella Artois Cidre Bourbon Sour, Stella Artois Cidre Catskill '76 and Stella Artois Cidre Orchard Romance. All cocktails tasted really good! 

Catskillls, NY

After cocktails, it was dinner time with the group, which went really well. We got to talk to like-minded people, which is always fun. A bonfire was arranged for us after dinner, and we were served… cocktails again. Living the dream, right? These drinks were so good that we went through another round in no time. 

Maple Shade Farm, NY

Next day, after breakfast, we drove to the Maple Shade farm, where Cidre Fall Experience was in full swing. At the launch, we took part in activities, learned more about Stella Artois Cidres and, of course, drank a lot of Cidre! We were so happy to be a part of this launch on a perfect autumn’s cidre-y day. 

Cidre Season Celebration

After a day of cidre fun, we were taken to Woodstock, NY, where we had a delicious dinner with the group and then left for the Catskill Lodge. We had a lot of free time, so we took the opportunity to explore the grounds and take loads of pictures. 

Scribners Lodge, Catskills

This trip was filled with happy memories from an amazing fun-filled, or should I say cidre-filled, experience. Special thanks to Stella Artois for inviting us, we’re already thinking of our next adventure to the Catskills, so stay tuned...

Stella Artois Cidre

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