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netflix and chill

Netflix is probably one of the best things about the modern entertainment era. It is a widely successful streaming service, which has its amazing algorithm to thank for its success. You continue to get content that is tailored to your preferences and in high quality, with great ease and very affordable prices. My family is a huge fan of Netflix. We just love how much variety of content is available these days.

So, our favorite genres, these days, are suspense, action and drama. We love to watch shows on Netfilx in our free time. Here is a list of shows which we are binging these days.


One of our most favorites, which has been a huge hit recently, is this action packed thriller series. This show is based on a war veteran’s story. The protagonist helps avert a terrorist attack, and is assigned the security of a politician who was involved in events that led to the same conflict which he helped thwart. The storyline is great and the strong performances from main characters make this show a must watch.

Cuba and the Cameraman

This is a very interesting documentary that follows a filmmaker, as he captures the events which take place during the several crucial eras in the history of Cuba. The story focuses on three families and their struggle to adapt and cope with the circumstances around them.

Narcos: Mexico

After the success of previous seasons in the Narcos franchise, this is another well-received series that focuses on the drug cartel origins in Mexico. You get to witness the start of Mexico’s drug war in the ‘80s, and much more!

Money Heist

What do bank robbers hate the most? Getting arrested during a heist. This, however, makes for a very entertaining series plot, too! So, if you like money heist genre, this show is definitely for you.

A worthy mention is Roma - a fascinating visually pleasing film that takes you on a ride that many critics are calling one of the best films of the year.

Of, course! How could I forget to mention Birdbox? I know, it is a movie, but it is a huge hit and everyone is talking about it. Sandra Bullock plays the role of a mother who must flee with her children for safety. Only problem? There is a treacherous river, unseen deadly forces and you must pass through blindfolded, or else you die.

So, this is the list that has kept us entertained these days. It is your turn to enjoy good entertainment.


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