My Top Holiday Drinks


Christmas is almost upon us. The time that everyone waits for, all year long, has finally arrived. Most people are now off from work, and the remaining workforce will soon get an off. Not having to work is a huge reason why this is the best time period of the whole year. I look forward to a lot of things, when it is Christmas time. But, when I look forward to them, I always see myself holding a glass full of wine and/or champagne in my hand.  


In this post, I will share my favorite drinks for the holiday season with you. Let’s get started!



An Israeli Savignon Blac, which I had for the first time on my trip to Israel, is definitely on my list of favorite holiday drinks. Once I tasted this wine, I fell in love, and left my heart in sunny Israel.


Grand Mariner 100 years

I recently had the opportunity to taste this fine wine for the first time, while I was in Florida. This is actually a special edition wine that celebrates its company’s 100th anniversary. It is a treat to cherish, I can assure you that.


Veuve Clicquot

Ain’t no party like a Champaign party! This is a luxury Champaign and one of my absolute favorites, if not the favorite. This Champaign brings a feel of luxurious finesse to your holiday party, and it tastes like a celebration!


Wolffer Estate Noblesse Sparking Champagne

The Noblesse Sparkling Champaign is actually native to Long Island, and the winery is located about 2 hours away from my residence. This provides me easy access to the source, and makes my parties stand out.


La Marca Prosecco

When you have had a few parties already, you cannot always afford luxurious wines or Champagnes. However, you cannot compromise on the quality either. What to do? If you find yourself in this situation, your best bet is La Marca Prosecco. It is the best quality sparkling wine that fits your budget.

So, here’s my list of top holiday drinks. Try some that suit your taste, and let me know if you enjoyed them. 


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