Art Week in Miami


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Art week Miami

Art makes the world inhabitable. Sure, other things are important and all, but our lives without art would be so dull, boring, and will lack happiness. Art is the food for your soul. It makes you feel good, doesn’t matter who you are. You don’t need to go to art galleries to see art. Art is all around you! But, if you had to go someplace to see some amazing art, it had to be the Art Week in Miami. It had everything, and then some. We felt so thankful for the art of Emil Alzamora. He has such an incredible talent; one that truly moves you.

Art Moves U Miami

Speaking of what moves you, Uber made the whole experience even better with its flexible ride options. Uber pick up points were placed all around Miami, and were marked by #ArtMovesU statues by none other than Mr. Emil Alzamora himself. The concept behind the statues was so artistically sound, as you can see. We breezed through the art exhibits, with no issues whatsoever, thanks to the quality ride service from Uber.

Emil Alzamora

We both share a strong passion for art. We see how the world has shifted its focus towards technology and turned a blind eye towards the importance of art in life. It makes us so happy that a huge brand like Uber is facilitating a great artist’s exhibit by helping people arrive and leave seamlessly. The value on offer for the real admirers of art cannot be explained in terms of any mathematical scale. Such is the far-reaching importance of Uber’s presence in our world. We would like to thank Uber for enabling us and hundreds of other people who attended the event, and we already look forward to visiting again next year.


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