Christmas Tree Decor


We hope you all had a great thanksgiving. We sure did, and we feel really blessed. Just as thanksgiving fades away, and you begin to enter the festive mode, a light bulb turns on in your head; it’s Christmas time! It sure is, and the weather has already taken a hint. God, these cold weather here in New York have been crazy! But, what’s Christmas without some cold weather and snow, eh?


I’m going through a phase, where everything around me has to be in shades of pink. So, you could guess what the main theme of our Christmas tree turned out to be; PINK! Well, not just pink but blended with other festive shades of white, silver and gold. Winston, was a bit skeptical at first, but after he saw my brilliant vision of the Christmas tree come to real life, he was in absolute of awe. If you are thinking that we went through an awful lot of trouble to put all this together, you’re wrong. How? There is only one answer; WALMART!

Yes, we shopped for many things at Walmart, at amazing prices. The best thing is that they are offering a variety of themes, and stuff you could put together, to experiment with your Christmas tree this season. Everything is so cute that you may have trouble restraining yourself from buying everything…lol


It really warms my heart to see the two most important women in my life, gather around the Christmas tree and have fun. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Having a good time with family is what I look forward to, and when it’s Christmas, that bit is guaranteed. 

So, who’s ready to kick of Christmas shopping?

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