My Favorite Pieces from Uniqlo Spring Collection


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Uniqlo, is a Japanese apparel company that seeks to infuse their values of simplicity, quality and longevity into the clothes they sell, seeks to provide go-to pieces at an affordable cost. Their new line of denim and drapes has proven to meet their mark of providing unique and transferrable yet affordable looks. My favorite pieces from Uniqlo’s Spring collection were the Drape Long Jacket and Jogger Pants. The Jacket, in a light pink polyester material, fit just right. Even with the jacket fitting so long, it doesn’t look heavy and fits in way that you are comfortable enough to wear it to lounge or in a more formal setting. The color itself is neutral enough that they can be incorporated into your regular wear cycle, serving as a slimming, light coat that can be worn year round.

The Drape Jogger pants in navy blue are worth getting in more than one color! These joggers scream spring weather, configured with a higher waist, they are sure to make an impression in any setting. The pants are gathered in the back, giving you a sleeky clean appearance from the front. Better yet, the long jacket can be paired with the pants for a classic polished look. I am always looking for clothes that I can wear in more than one setting. Finding versatile pieces that can be worn in both business casual and social settings are hard to find, especially when you throw in that Uniqlo’s apparel are all easy to clean and resistant to wrinkles!

A problem many women find with dressier jackets is that they get too hot or begin to sweat, the Drape Long Jacket isn’t lined, making it the perfect choice for a light yet fashionable jacket. As for pants, many women find that dressier bottoms often don’t fit properly, leading to discomfort or digging into the skin when wearing all day. Uniqlo’s Jogger Pants fit comfortably around the waist, snugly hugging your ankles at the bottom while allowing a bit of leisure in the leg. Pockets are forever a bonus when shopping for a good pair of pants. These Drape Joggers are slimming and flexible, coming in a variety of neutral colors that are bound to find a niche in any closet. Much of the selections from Uniqlo are great pieces for the transitional weather periods, preparing you for rain or shine. These were MY favorite pieces, although I'm confident there are pieces at Uniqlo for every closet!

Another cool piece from the Uniqlo Spring collection is the Drape washed work shirt. This piece is inspired by menswear and their workwear. This shirts has a finish which gives the piece a wrinkle look and it comes in several colors such as the khaki i'm wearing, smoky pink and navy which all help compliment the neutrals. i love this piece because it can be use as a basic in your wardrobe and it easily combine with casual pants, vintage distressed jeans or maybe even some cargo to give it that utility chic look. 


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