FreshPet is the Best Food for my Little Yorkie!


My little Yorkie Paris is as finicky as they come. Finding a food that she is willing to eat and that is also good for her was starting to seem impossible! That is when I discovered FreshPet and I'm so glad that I did, I will feed her no other dog food from now on.

Fantastic for Finicky Eaters

As I mentioned, my girl is very picky about what she eats! Freshpet is the only food I have found that she is willing to eat as soon as I put her bowl down. Since she is a small dog, I worry about her blood sugar dropping when she does not eat regular meals and this food helps put my mind at ease. She even likes it enough I can use it as a training reward, which is great because I know it is good for her as well. She used to ignore me when it was meal time and now she eagerly lets me know if I'm even a minute late with her meals. She dances around and cannot wait to eat her favorite food in the morning and at night.

All Natural

FreshPet food is made with all natural, fresh ingredients. This is why it requires refrigeration. Not many dog foods can make that claim. I don't have to worry about chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings, or any other questionable ingredients. When I read the label I know exactly what I am feeding my precious girl and feel confident knowing it is good for her and will not make her sick. Since I don't have the time or patience to make properly balanced home cooked meals for my girl, this food is an excellent alternative. It is conveniently found in a special cooler in the pet food section and is always ready to go in the refrigerator at home.

Several Varieties Available

There are a few different versions of FreshPet food so you can add variety to your dog's diet or pick the recipe that is best suited for your dog needs. You can buy rolls in different sizes or individual containers as well. They even have a superior line of treats that dogs go crazy for! Our training class jokes and says it is like doggy crack, I know it is a silly joke that probably is not appreciated by everyone but the dogs seriously go crazy for it!


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