It's All About Location


Hey guys, in our line of work as lifestyle influencers we often get the opportunity to visit different parts of the world and in a recent one, we visited Glendale, California for a speaking engagement held by We All Grow Latina Network for Rosanna and many others influential #BossLadies. There, Rosanna was part of a speaker panel that talked about how motherhood has evolved and how many millennial mothers have redefined it with their hard work and perseverance. 

As people tend to say, the trip started with a few bumps on the road. Well more or less like a rollercoaster due to the many occurrences. First, we missed our original flight then Delta Airlines lost Rosanna's luggage and without a choice, Rosanna had to purchase new garments for the event and the days we were going to be in California. 

One of the many great things about this trip was the location of our Hampton by Hilton hotel which was convenient across a massive shopping complex. As many of you know, we love shopping and so we went to pick up all the things Rosanna needed for the remainder of our stay in California. Overall, this shopping center had everything we wanted from the best restaurants, top entertainment facilities and many fashion retailers. 

Back in our hotel, we were able to get quickly comfortable and forget about our ordeal with the lost luggage..the shopping The staff was extremely helpful; our room was spacious with a great view, the daily breakfast was another highlight because it had many of our favorites #YumYum and the overall atmosphere was friendly which was something we appreciated. 

Even thou, this trip had its unfortunate events, we truly had an excellent time at the We All Grow Familia event with all the amazing individuals we met, the partnerships we forged #Seekender and the dope shopping center across our beautiful and cozy hotel. All in all, we're grateful for the opportunities we received and also convinced that in life, we must always remember to look at the sad moments as an opportunity to advance ourselves in a personal or business level.


Winston Javier

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