Sometimes we're defined by the choices we make in Life, whether personal or business they can have an impact on our daily lives. Creating situations where we have options is far greater to your result because, at the end of the day, there's nothing better than to carve your path to a particular final goal.

As a style blogger, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many exciting brands, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small local companies; These brands all had their unique way to attract more customers via influencer marketing. However, one of the perks I have found that can significantly improve a better return is the ability to give your client a choice. 

For this post, I decided to partner with Stitch Fix - a fashion personal style service company which utilizes that innovative try before buying method. This modern seamless shopping experience offers endless options of men's fashion with no real commitment to the potential customer, and in my opinion, anytime you can try something before you buy it from the comfort of your home is a win-win for me.  

The process of creating your online profile in the Stitch Fix website is straightforward, and after you input your preferences in styles, sizes and prefer fit, a stylish takes that info and creates an ensemble for you to try at home. One of the kinds of cool things is that after you try it and don't like it for whatever reason, you can just return it in the included return bag at no additional cost to you. 

In my opinion, this way of shopping is very useful for Men that don't have the time of even don't know how to style a fashionable look. Since their inception this past September, Stitch Fix Men has sent me a fix for me to try and I must say that I'm very meticulous about what I wear if you don't believe me as My first box featured a valuable selection of 5 different pieces where you could use them together or separately with items you might have already in your closet. 

To better illustrate the fashion items Stitch Fix sent me for my first fix, I decided to style two looks for reference:

  1. The first outfit is a lay back casual attire that features a Nylon bomber jacket by Andrew Marc which is perfect for hanging out with friends or stopping by the grocery store. Moreover, you can style this jacket with jeans and boots to give it a different aesthetic.
  2. The second look features a printed tee by Scotch & Soda, and even thou, this item might not reflect a dressy vibe, I took the liberty to style it that way to showcase the range of a basic printed tee. This tee paired with pants and a solid blazer could be used for an evening on the town or date with a special someone. 

All in all, the service and merchandise by Stitch Fix gives you the opportunity to choose what's the best fashion items for you. I suggest to check them out; they'll help you create dope looks just like they did with me. Remember mi gente that in life and fashion always to give the best version of yourself. 


This post was sponsored by Stitch Fix but all opinions are my own.



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