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As of lately, we Glam Dapper have started to express ourselves in different mediums other than blogging and posting photos on social media about fashion. For instance, we've taken the task of starting a vlog on YouTube to give our audience a more personal behind the scenes look at our lives. We feel that this new exciting venture has helped us express ourselves differently and in the process find ways to better engage with our followers. 

All this vlogging stuff has taught us to be riskier and take chances. Life is full of opportunities; we just need to look carefully and benefit from them. Some people's opinions might deter you from your goal, and that's why we believe in self-expressing. For example, regarding fashion, If you place yourself in a busy area and watch people walk by, soon you'll notice that many of them dress similarly. The majority no longer tries to express themselves thru fashion, they choose what's on the clothing rack of their favorite retailer and call it a day. Fashion should be use as your presentation card to the world, the style you decide to wear tells a little bit about who you are. 

For this post, we partnered with Express to showcase our #ExpressLife thru no pun intended and also to highlight the hottest fall trend in outerwear; The bomber jacket. This particular fashion item can trace it's roots in past conflicts, but this post is not about disputes between nations, is about doing things differently with a certain individually. 

Rosanna: for my look, I decided that the highlight of my look was going to be the bomber jacket and the rest complimentary pieces that just add value to the entire look. Mostly all dark colors from the shoes to the jeans. I like the jacket for its versatility: it's reversible so that I can wear on both sides, the color (burgundy) conveys fall due to its reach hue, and the designs give its unique look. Overall this look was fun to wear and comfortable to wear and can be used in most casual settings.

Winston: the goal for my outfit was to have a balance and also somewhat match Rosanna's look. The bomber jacket with its mix of blue hues, and it's unique design made it stand out, match burgundy dress slippers helped resemble Rosanna's color vibe but also gave my look a more polish and elegant feel which is something a dapper should always strive to achieve. Overall, this ensemble mixes a unique historical fashion item with a fresh, modern street style. 

For one to be happy, there's no need for the blessings of others. Be who you want to be without another person view dictate who you are. We suggest taking more risks, after all, life is more fun when you get exposed to different things. Don't worry about what others might think and express yourself. 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Express. The opinions and text are all mine.


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