Anniversary Love Story


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Anniversary Picnic

If someone tells our story, we'd like for them to say we always choose happiness. No matter the circumstances, our love prevails. Simple gestures like an anniversary picnic and special gift highlight our commitment to each other. It's been 13 years together, and for this occasion, I wanted to enjoy a perfect afternoon in the Central Park with Rosanna and gift her a beautiful Jared diamond bracelet to commemorate this unique moment.

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Even though there are stigmas surrounding the number 13, I can’t help but focus on all the amazing memories we have made throughout our marriage. We believe after 13 years, our love story deserves a celebration. Since I know Rosanna's favorite jeweler is Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, I decided to partner with them again to help me choose a gorgeous diamond bracelet to mark this anniversary.

This bracelet is as timeless as it is stunning and I know that whenever Rosanna wears it, she will be reminded of our decision to choose happiness and focus on celebrating the little moments that make life so special. Because the bracelet is so dainty and classy, she can wear it for anything from a formal evening out to a carefree date to the park, something that I know she appreciates in her jewelry.

Every love story is made up of its own timeless moments that add up to a lifetime of love, but there are a few no-fail tips to keep in mind if you’re trying to choose the perfect jewelry for your next anniversary.

  1. Knowledge - the more you know, the better! And at Jared, with their extensive network and diamond knowledge, they can help you find the perfect gift.

  2. Craftsmanship - always choose quality over anything else. Jared offers outstanding pieces that will enchant anyone.

  3. Unique - If you prefer a custom piece, it's not a problem since the Jared custom design studio offers many solutions to bring your dream jewelry piece to life.

  4. Options - having a great variety of jewelry to choose from is ideal. Thankfully, when I was looking through the many brands that Jared offers, it was easy and convenient making the overall process enjoyable.

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All in all, highlighting special moments in your life is important because it creates long lasting beautiful memories. Whether you’re celebrating one, ten, thirteen, or thirty years together, make the time to focus on each other to fill your lives with #JaredTimelessMoments that will last a lifetime.


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