Lakeside Picnic


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Lakeside Picnic

Summer is perfect for so many fun things, such as enjoying the outdoors and beautiful weather. Many of you know that lately, we have been creating content based on the picnic (see here). This cool concept mostly takes place in a park but for this time, we wanted to take a more intimate and romantic approach, and that's why we decided to do a lakeside picnic.

Bota box wines

For this piece of content, we wanted to partner with a brand that its whole aesthetic and core values revolve around outdoors, caring for our environment and travel-friendly. After some research, we reached out to Bota Box Wines because we believed they were the perfect choice for this lakeside picnic and they were delighted to collaborate with us and our lakeside picnic idea.

Picnic Setup

Bota Box is a premium wine that you can enjoy at anytime and anywhere. The smart compact size helps you carry it around, and there's no need for a corkscrew, so that's a big plus especially for a picnic. Its usefulness only stops with your imagination guys; you can take it to any outdoor activity, like hiking, a Summer concert, boating or whatever floats your pun intended lol. All in all, a great tasting wine that cares about the environment because it uses recycled materials for its containers and has earned more than 30 gold medals since 2011 and with this resume who can say no.

Summer Picnic

Now we would like to share some tips that you might want to consider for your next picnic.

  1. Location: choose what type of experience you want to have such as a picnic in a park, on the beach or like us by a lake.

  2. Variety: choose a brand like Bota Box that offers excellent choices of delicious wine. By the way, our favorite flavor from Bota Box is the dry rose that was released this Summer, we highly recommended.

  3. Food: we recommend a board of cheeses which go well with fresh fruits of your choice and some sweets like macarons.

Picnic Ideas

The goal with a picnic guys is always to have a perfect time, so gather some of these essentials and enjoy. Life is better when we explore new cool things. Choose Bota Box, cheers, and always enjoy responsibly. Until the next one, now go and #ExploreEverything


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