5 Ways To Spicy Up Your Relationship


Relationships are very tricky. Some are like gum; they get tasteless and become a lot of work for no reason, very soon. However, if you’ve hit the jackpot and got yourself a real keeper, you should work on the relationship to keep it fun for both of you. How? There is no one way to go about it. Different people respond to different things. Although, to keep the chemistry alive and the relationship spicy, here are a few things that has helped us.

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Flirt Like Its Hot

Flirting with your significant other lets them know that your interest in them is as good as ever. You still find them sexy, attractive, beautiful and smart. Don’t shy away from flirtatious texting, or should I say; sexting. It keeps things warm, wet and ready, till you can get a room. Flirt, make love and repeat (as needed). 

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Take Your Partner On A Romantic Getaway

Nothing spices things up like a romantic trip to a beautiful far away location, for just the two of you. No one around knows you, so you can be as romantic, loving, and loud, as you like. We recently visited the Hasbrouck House in Upstate NY for a weekend getaway. It was the most fun we had had in a long time.  So, this point here is highly recommended. 

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Dressing Up

No, I don’t mean you should wear suits and deep cut gowns. I am talking about some good ol’ sexy lingerie. Most men have a fetish for their partners in lingerie. I know it is expensive and at times uncomfortable, but that’s all worth it when you see the look of happiness and satisfaction (afterwards) on your partners face. 

Toy Story

We had so much fun playing with toys, as kids, didn’t we? No reason why we should stop as adults. We just need to play with adult toys. Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Communication Hits The Sweet Spot

You could try a thousand things, but they won’t work unless you communicate with each other. So, be open, and talk to your partner about what works for you, what works for them, and any other thing you might think of. 


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