Family Ski Trip to Vermont

Airbnb cabin in Vermont

Nothing beats spending quality time with your family. We try our best to cherish the opportunities we get to spend time together, and at times we have to create such opportunities. This time, we decided to take a family ski trip to Vermont. We didn’t know anybody there, but it didn’t matter. Why? Because, Airbnb has made life so easy! 

Cabin in Vermont

We personally recommend their service to search for cabins because it offers a great range of options to choose from, and staying at one of these cabins makes the whole experience feel like you are "glamping" .

Chanell in Vermont

When in Vermont, we took a trip around the area and visited the town of Manchester. This town has a great variety of family restaurants and some premium brand outlets. We were in the mood for pizza, so we ate at the Manchester House of Pizza.

Bromley Mountain in Vermont

The very next day, we went skiing at Bromley Mountain. It was just a 20 minute drive away from our cabin. The skiing program there is great for adults, families and is super kids friendly. This is why we went there, highly recommend it to all our audience. 


This skiing vacation meant a lot to us, because it was Chanell’s first skiing experience. It was a first time thing, and we had to get it right. Thanks to Airbnb and the program at Mount Bromley, it went just perfectly. 

Bromley Mountain

On all family trips there are certain specific events that you recall for years to come and they become a defining moment for that trip. On this trip, I dared Rosanna to wear her bikini out in the cold. I didn’t think she would go through with it. Guess what? She proved me wrong! She wore the bikini and absolutely rocked it. This woman is full of surprises. I love her so much!


Here’s a link to book your next cabin, let us know how it went.  


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