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Hello, everyone, we've missed you this last couple of days. We hope you had a fantastic new year and with it much more positive energy and health for all your family. We begin this new year with a post for our partner Macy's. This company has done incredible things for our followers and us; during the months of November and December, they hosted amazing shows at their flagship store in New York City, and a cool fact is that they'll continue to do so in January. 

This month you can expect from Macy's like always a wide variety of different shows geared towards the entire family. Below is a more detail list of the January Macy's events that'll be held at the Herald Square store in New York City. 

A common thing, when a new year comes around, is to make new resolutions for a better year. On January 7th at 2:00 pm, Macy's takes this concept and ties it with health, and what's one of the best ways to stay healthy? To exercise by engaging in activities that will compliment your overall health in the long. This event is about hitting the refresh button on all those guilty pleasures with had over the holiday...yes we're guilty However, the most important thing is to bring yourself to start, and Macy's is here to help. They'll offer at this event complimentary refreshments, messages, and if you purchase $50 or more on activewear, you'll automaticity be enter to win a three month Blink Fitness membership. Now it's all about the will, so get a fresh start this new year with a new you.

According to the Chinese calendar, this new year is the year of the rooster, and Macy's celebrates this with beauty in the form of cosmetics and making you look beautiful. On January 18th at 1:00 pm in the cosmetics department of the Herald Square' main floor, you can stop by to enjoy traditional Chinese music and performances during this time. Also, you can get beautify by stopping by the Shiseido, Lancome, Estee Lauder and SKII for beauty consultations. As a bonus, you can receive a limited edition Year Of The Rooster cosmetic bag with a purchase of $75. All in all, this event will provide a cultural experience that all people could appreciate, especially #MakeUpLover.

We must admit that we are excited about Macy's January 26 event. This particular show will feature Patricia Fields' curated designs inspired by the hit show Younger. And as always with Macy's, you are all invited to attend #Yassss. This fashion show will take place on the 4th floor, Women's department at the Herald Square at 6:00 the date guy!!!

Macy's has always been about providing a shopping experience for the entire family and on January 28th at 1:00 pm is all about cooking. On this date, Macy's celebrates National Slow Cooker Month at their home department on the 8th floor. This event is perfect for all of those who love cooking, come and check out some inspirations for everyday dining and of course the Big Games viewing parties that most of us like to throw.. go Cavs....sorry we just got ahead of ourselves. 

In this new year, let's celebrate life more by incorporating some healthier habits such as exercising, eating better and getting beautiful. We would like to thank Macy's for creating these upcoming amazing shows where everyone in the family can find something relevant and exciting. We urge all to try to stop by the Macy's flagship Herald Square store in New York City and experience any of these shows; trust us, you won't be disappointed. 


This post is sponsored by Macy's. All the opinions expressed are 100% our own


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