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Hello Guys, as many of you know, this is our favorite time of the year because we get to be thankful, spend time with family and of course go Although, these festive times are perfect in many ways, there are some things that we feel it lacks and that's warmer temperatures. For this reason, we decided to partner with Luxury Retreats to find the perfect Caribbean Luxury Vacation for the family or friends thus helping avoid the frigid Winter weather.

The particular vacation destination we would like to highlight is the Caribbean as a whole. The reasons being is that due to their proximity to the equator they have crystal blue warm waters especially for this time of year and that alone is hard to beat. Another great incentive is the variety of different cultures across the Caribbean islands which are truly unique.

Here are five reasons why we believe your next vacation should be in the Caribbean in a Luxury Retreats property. 

  1. Privacy: yes people the ability to have privacy os so important. Many of us want a secluded place where we can unwind and forget about the city for a while. Luxury Retreats has a broad range of different rentals where you'll feel like your on an island.
  2. Front Row: what do we mean by this, simple you can have access to a private beach area where you and your family can enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean sands and waters. The crystal clear blue beaches are right in front of many of their properties exuding a sense of peace and elegance.
  3. Groups: It's just like the saying that we are stronger in numbers. The Luxury Retreats properties are spacious enough to accommodate the entire family. Don't worry about how many people you have because Luxury Retreats has rooms for everybody, even the in-laws if you want to bring
  4. Choices: just like in life, it's always important to have choices to choose from and Luxury Retreats is no exemption. They have properties in our native Dominican Republic, Anguilla, At. Johns, Barbados, Jamaica and many other top Caribbean destinations.
  5. Amenities: all properties feature luxurious pools, outdoor lounging areas, recreational places, entertainment rooms, the latest tech and many other top-shelf considerations. 

All in all, the primary goal of a Winter getaway is to forget about the routines and enjoy yourself in pleasant weather. It's our opinion that Luxury Retreats offers that experience and much more with their Caribbean Villas and Vacations Rentals. Remember the life is a journey about creating and experiencing special moments with the people we love and hold dear. Please don't wait until the last minute to start yours and book your next stay today. 


This post is sponsored by Luxury Retreats. All the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


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