Hello Mi Gente, this post is about setting goals and accomplishing them. About six months ago, Rosanna and I made the decision to become full-time bloggers because we both wanted to do something that we love full time. I must be honest and tell you that it hasn't been easy, but one thing is for sure; we are mush happier than before. Since then, everything we accomplish is due to our hard work and there no better satisfaction than that. 

Fast forward to recent times, we were approached by Nescafe for a potential job, at first, we were naturally excited because we both loved coffee and was also an opportunity to work with a beverage brand. The campaign is pretty stray forward - showcase to our followers the importance of people working together for a common goal. 

The goal is pretty dope; we need to create enough buzz by having our fans signed up to Nescafe promotional sweepstakes with the goal of having a potential private concert from International multi-platinum recording artist Ricky Martin. Rosanna and I are naturally excited about this partnership with Nescafe because we both love Ricky's music, but more importantly, it would also send a fan/follower to this concert. 

The show would happen in a private setting, where fans such as ourselves could have a special music session with the artist if chosen as a winner. To enter this one in a lifetime opportunity, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Find - look on the back of the Nescafe coffee jar to find the code, by the way; you can get these coffee jars all over the world in supermarkets.
  2. Enter - you would need to input your unique Nescafe jar code in the website found here.
  3. Finish - complete the registration form to be included in the contest.

Tip: the entry code is a ten-digit number located on the back or bottom of the Nescafe Clasico jar.

All in all, in my opinion, goals are meant to be fulfilled by those who take risks. Just like Rosanna and I took a leap of faith with our blogging, you can do something similar by participating in this contest and potentially gaining an enjoyable experience that you would never forget. 

Until the next one - Good Vibes Only!


Winston Javier

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