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Some people commonly speak of their personal style and often use complicated technical words to describe it. In my opinion, your style should simply be another way of communication. Trends and personal style both are tools that can reflect what's happening in our society. The secret to creating your stamp in fashion is by using trends and mixing them with your own style, this way you'll create a unique vision of who you really are without letting fads dictate your style to the world.

Today we decided to take some of the top trends of the moment and create our outfit of the day, enjoy it.

Rosanna: Apart from my #HalfBun hairstyle (pictorial available here and on Instagram) I took the palazzo pants which by the way are a must of the moment and combine it with a classic fashion item. This piece is the shoulder-off top in a fresh pastel color that evokes a relaxed Spring vibe. Although this top can be found at many retailers at the moment, it's a classic piece that's been revived for the Spring/Summer season. From my experiences, what makes the difference in using things that are fashionable and classic is to allow you yourself to feel comfortable without sacrificing style.

Winston: A gentleman carries a flair of dandy without losing its touch on the vanguard. A great well-made suit in a technological stain-free finish paired with Italian loafers are without a doubt a modern Men's armor. In this look, I chose to wear this suit in a Royal navy color to emphasize classic masculinity. These were paired with a trendy high-neck short sleeve shirt to for this warm/chilly Spring temperatures. The secret here is to combine a classic piece with a modern/trendy item and I assure you'll look great for any occasion.

 It's important to recognize who we are and what we want, not only in fashion but in life as well. Everything requires authenticity because history remembers the different not the common.

Thanks for being with us, we're always excited to bring you new content.

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