Winter Pink

Lack of Color Pink Hat

Hello everyone, the final days of the year are here. And, we couldn't be happier with all the positive vibes you all have given us during this year, incredibly grateful. We hope that the content we put out this year has helped you and equally important inspired you in a right way.

For today's look, we wanted to focus on some trends that you will see in 2018. These two are leather and cowboy which we think will add an excellent touch to your 2018 looks. Remember you don't need to use the trend entirely, we recommend adding a small yet significant piece which will add to your outfit and make you look great and not like if you were wearing a costume.

All in all, this year came and went very fast. We are grateful for all the fantastic opportunities that have come our way and equally important the support you all have shown to us. We hope you all have a happy new year with your loved ones and that 2018 brings health and joy to all of us.

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Waiting for 2018 like...

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