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In the Fashion industry there two things that in many occasions shoe companies don't get right. One is creating a product in which the end consumer loves due to its style, and two provides a significant level of comfort for the people who wear them. With this thought in mind, we decided to partner with Zappos and Rockport to showcase some of their shoes for Men and Women and to highlight their unique way of combining style + comfort.

Winston: Let me be honest and tell you that at first, I didn't think Rockport would carry a shoe that I would like and to my surprise I was wrong. Their Men's Autumn collection offers a broad range of different shoes; from your fancy wingtips, classic oxfords, comfy slip-on and classic boots. These are all great choices but I opted for a casual pair of boots because they could use with various styles like a button-down or a sweater and denim jacket like I did. Regarding comfort, their insoles are a mixture of a rubberized leather material which is super comfortable thus providing a comfy sneaker feel. Overall these boots are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current I suggest to get a pair, rock them throughout the day and thank me later. 

Rosanna: Mis Amores, I'm sure many of you've heard the term fashionable before comfort. Well, let me tell you that I believe this Rockport brand has found a suitable medium for both with their Total Motion Collection. These innovative booties that I've chosen were developed with flexibility and comfort in mind. They have a rubberized button which helps absorb the impact from the heel and also keeps me from sliding lol. Additionally, their sporty inner cushions provide your feet with another enhance level of support making long walks more enjoyable. All in all, these booties are perfect, I can use them for a photo shoot during the day and keep them on for an evening out in the city with Winston. 

The ability to design and create a shoe with a high level of comfort is not too difficult. However, when you try to create that same shoe with style in mind the task becomes more difficult and in this process, many shoe brands fail. You all can see this if you visit your local shoe retailer and try a few pair of shoes, some will look cool but your feet probably won't agree with them because they're uncomfortable and vice-versa. It's our opinion the Rockport has been able to achieve this winning combination of style and comfort for Men's and Women's shoes. Mi Gente, life is too short to walk around in pretty uncomfortable shoes, check out Zappos and change that, you'll be thankful.


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