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Hello everyone, since Rosanna showed on our last post her routine for removing unwanted hair, I thought it would be only right for me to share mine. 

In general, grooming for men has become more acceptable – maybe due to celebrities’ influences, or society changes as a whole. Nowadays men can find spas, grooming lounges and hair styling parlors at their disposal. But enough about grooming places men can visit. I want this post to focus on shaving. Yes people, shaving. That first real grooming lesson we males learn during our teens years. 

When I was younger, my grandfather used to use a safety razor. He used to tell me that a gentleman should always dress accordingly, have manners, work hard and always have a clean shave because first impressions are a great foundation for any long term relationship. With that notion in mind, I started to shave with a safety razor like my grandfather but eventually replaced it with a more modern shaving tool because using the safety razor prompted me to do several passes before getting the perfect shave and that alone was a bit inconvenient.  

Now I use the Mach3® by Gillette® due to its multi-blade system and the moisturizing properties of its cartridges. With this product, I'm able to shave quickly and efficiently and get on with my day. The overall product is great, however, the only negative aspect is the price of its cartridges which is way too high. I'm not a frugal person but if I can save some money here and there it’s a welcome opportunity.

Since I consistently shave about two times a week, I often find myself needing to replace the cartridge rather quickly. This is one of the main reasons I decided to look for an alternative to the expensive Mach3 cartridges. That attempt led me to my local Walgreens, where I searched for a different cartridge that could do the same job at a better price. 

On my quest for a replacement cartridge, I chose the Studio 35® brand because it's more affordable than the Mach3 and it does the same thing – maybe even better. On a side note, I noticed excellent deals at Walgreens through the end of September. If you purchase a Studio 35 cartridge in August, you receive 50% off your second. Then during September, Walgreens will take off $2.00 making the total price $9.99. Now when you factor in the price of Mach3 refills at $13.99 you can see why this brand and deal are a no brainer. 

On a final note, I want to leave something clear. Don't just focus on the name of the brand but rather on the quality of its product. These Studio 35 cartridges are fantastic and have provided me with a great shaving experience, which is something I recommend to anyone looking for a great shave. All in all, this experience has been of great value to my skin and my wallet. 


This post is sponsored by Walgreens. All the opinions are 100% my own.  


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