Quality Moments


Hola mi gente, for this blog post one simple idea inspired me, the continuously battle to strive to be successful in all parts of my life. Yes,  there's always moments in which life throws you a curve ball to hinder your ability to keep moving forward. The overall schema should never deter due to unusual circumstances. With that notion in mind, I decided to partner with Alford & Hoff because their essence evokes confidence to keep passionately fighting to be the pioneer of your life. 

As an influencer, I've been fortunate enough to accomplish individual goals such as launching Glam Dapper, meeting inspiring people and providing a better life for my family. Before this blogging stuff came into play, I dealt and operated in fields of occupation which restricted my creativity. Now, thanks in part to my immediate family, I'm able to have complete autonomy with all the endeavors in my life. It is indeed satisfying that I'm able to do what I want and not what others want. 

Here I'm going to share the top three things that have helped me overcome adversity and have kept me motivated to reach more success in life.

  1. Learn: this is pretty straightforward, try to read and educate yourself as much as possible. Pick up newspapers, subscribe to reliable blogs and always have your ears open for any potential opportunity.
  2. Goals: you should always target an result. Start with small ones such as starting a new productive routine and scale from there. Rome was not built in one day, therefore have patience and understanding, learn from your mishaps and improve your approach.
  3. Confidence: just like my favorite fragrance from Alford & Hoff which exudes confidence, belief in yourself. Try to find ways to accomplish this. For example, when I need a boost, I relied on style by wearing a perfect fit suit, splashed with my favorite fragrance and this ultimately makes me feel like I'm covered in armor. 

My quality moments have transpired due to a series of learning experiences I've endured. Remember to be driven just like an Alford & Hoff gentleman. There's always room for improvement by those who seek to become a better person, maintain yourself dedicated and remember that in life and fashion always give the very best version of yourself.


Winston Javier

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