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Hotel Therese

During my recent visit to Paris with my wife Rosanna, we stayed at the Hotel Therese. We didn’t have much time to book a hotel, so I quickly went through some of the options that were available to me around. That’s where I came across Hotel Therese. After going through the positive reviews, I decided to go ahead and spend my money in order to reserve a room at this hotel. I realized that I have made the correct decision after I checked into Hotel Therese. 

Breakfast in bed anyone?

Hotel Therese

The Therese Hotel is located in a neighborhood, where you can easily access. Therefore, we didn’t find it as a difficult task to reach the hotel via public transport. On the other hand, Hotel Therese was located in close proximity to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Since we got one afternoon free, we were able to visit the Louvre Museum as well. Before visiting the museum, we asked the hotel staff about what we can experience in there. They were helpful in assisting us and it helped us to make the entire journey an enjoyable one. 

The interiors and décor of the hotel were fascinating. In fact, they were functional and delivered a modern yet classy look. The way how the staff at Hotel Therese treated me and my wife is exceptional as well. They have a clear understanding of how a guest needs to be treated and they made our entire stay a comfortable one as much as possible. Another great perk to this conveniently located hotel It that it was also possible for us to find a large number of restaurants and cafes around. All in all, we can highly recommend this hotel to any person who is looking forward to enjoying a stay in Paris. You would definitely be impressed with the amenities that are provided, the central location in Paris and the wonderful staff. 


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