How to Become an Uber Driver in NYC


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As a New York City frequent Uber rider, I often engage in conversation with my driver to learn more about them. Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with Uber in order to meet a local Uber driver face-to-face to learn more about what it takes to become a driver through their experience and in the process tell their story. With the end goal to educate, inform and hopefully inspire some of you about driving for Uber.

Although NYC is one of the largest markets to be an Uber driver and the city requirements take more steps than other cities, Uber makes the process much easier with their onboarding program (Fast Lane Program) at their multiple Hubs around the city which makes the entire process a more efficient affair thus leading prospective drivers. 

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Now, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the driver with whom I had the pleasure to speak with. His name is Rafael Hernandez, an NYC born and raised male with heritage from the Dominican Republic. His career began with Mercedes Benz at a dealership level job where he "worked the ropes" through hard work and dedication to eventually earn his way up to a corporate level position as a product manager in New Jersey. 

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According to Rafael, "Ever since transitioning from the corporate world into entrepreneurship, Uber was one of the companies making a huge impact, especially in NYC." This was one of the catalysts that further encouraged him to explore Uber as a method of employment. After which, he decided to drive for Uber and also invest in vehicles that he rents to other drivers. These moves greatly reshaped his career into a successful Uber entrepreneur and now owns and operates a fleet of four vehicles.

If you want to carve your own entrepreneur path, according to Rafael, Uber helps you all the way from the beginning of getting your TLC license to be able to drive in NYC. They provide all kind of services to help you get going, such as filling out medical forms, having doctors present at their Hubs, providing information online and in person. Overall, they help folks get started and provide the tools to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. 

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Now, let's say that you want to start to drive for Uber. Rafael told me that there is a preparation: 

  1. You take classes that teach you about the city maps, locations and how to better find your way around the city. Plus, these classes are provided with a great deal of ease at Uber's office.

  2. There is also a test you must pass once you complete your classes. Rafael believes that all this testing makes him feel like he's getting ready to do an important job.

  3. Most of these things that you need to do in order to become an Uber driver are done at what Uber calls a Greenlight Hub, which is an information center conveniently located around the city in different boroughs to facilitate the services a person needs to become an Uber driver.

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If you are thinking Uber as a career, Rafael truly believes is a wise choice. Not only has it helped him, but he believes it can help you too. He told me that "for anyone that wants to liberate themselves and also become their own entrepreneur, improve their livelihood and balance their finance, Uber would be that one he recommends the most". This comes from a person that has successfully done it, honestly, I'd have to agree with him because in my travels around the world and especially in NYC, when I engage in conversation with the driver, they all tell me positive things about being an Uber driver.

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I must admit that Rafael's story is inspiring. His thirst for entrepreneurship and financial independence led him to Uber, which from my point of view has brought a rewarding experience for him and his family. All in all, guys if the thought of you becoming an Uber driver ever crossed your mind don't hesitate and reach out to any of these centers so they can help you with anything you need. 


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