Gymboree’s #MadeYouSmile Campaign Highlights Their Fresh Flair For Kid’s Fashion


What #madeyousmile today? Sharing happy moments with our daughter, keep us happy and that’s what made us smile!

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Chanell is truly the apple of our eye. Spending time with her makes us happy. Regular trips to the ice-cream parlor are among one of our favorite things to do together. She is growing up so quickly, and her observation skills are now stronger than ever. Chanell has developed a great sense of fashion. Dressing up in trendy new clothes puts a huge smile on her face. Seeing her happy and healthy, melts our hearts with sheer joy. As parents, we want to get the best things for Chanell, to never let her feel the absence of any comfort.

The back-to-school season is about to start. However, a relentless search for things that Chanell needs for her new term at school has already begun. Lucky for us, Gymboree had the solution to all our needs!

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The new fashion range for kids by Gymboree brings you the perfect blend of comfort and style. You get a wide range of new fashion articles to choose from, all of which have been inspired by customer feedback. Yes! Gymboree conducted interviews with parents and found out what the modern family needs for their children. And they delivered, big time! Their collection is versatile, durable and super comfy.

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Chanell picked out her favorite clothes from the Gymboree store, and she was too excited to wait until her school re-opens. So, we dressed her in this chic skirt, with a classy cherry print top and a vintage denim jacket. She loves her new shoes, too!

Next? We took her to the ice-cream parlor and shared a lot of smiles together. Gymboree delivered 100% on their #madeyousmile promise. We are still smiling with joy. Are you ready to try their new collection? It’s available in stores now.

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Special thanks to Gymboree for partnering with us. All the opinions expressed are our own.


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