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Hello guys, the holiday season is finally here and with it a festive vibe. During this time of year, many of us go out shopping for ourselves, friends and family. The constant hustle to find the right gifts for the family creates so much stress. For this reason, I decided to work with Single Edition Media and highlight the launch of their first Men's BabbleBoxx. These particular boxes contain several items for the modern men and in this post, the focus will be on gift ideas for the active Men on this holiday season. 

Here are my top favorite items you can gift a special Men in your life this holiday season:

Casio: this watch from the Casio's Edifice collection has all the bells and whistles for the active men. The first thing you notice is its attractive and sophisticated design which evokes masculinity perfectly crafted to look impressive on the arm of any men who wishes to wear it. However, the most remarkable thing is under the hood sort of speak. This timepiece is connected to your smartphone via the Casio App and can accurately tell time for over 300 cities around the world. If you are worried about draining its battery, forget about it because this watch is solar power and also water resistant, ultimately making this watch the perfect timepiece for the modern men. If you want to get your James Bond on, click HERE to purchase the watch.

Tracker: now this device from Spire is something else. Imagine a day with many tasks, complications and so on..basically, an average life for a working adult in the U.S. overall pretty hectic I say. Now imagine a technological device which can anticipate stress in your body and therefore, suggest breathing exercises with meditations techniques to be more mindful and manage your stress levels. Plus, it can track your activity and it connects to another smart device such as an Apple Watch. Well..I'm going say..enough this is a #Must for anybody whether male or female you can improve your overall health and well-being by using the Spire, wellness tracker. Finally, here's a bonus, so don't think I don't love you..jk...Receive a 10% off by using this LINK (applies at checkout)

Activewear: If you guys want a glimpse into an active lifestyle brand for man and woman look no further this is it!. 2(x)IST is the perfect activewear brand that can take you from chilling to performance. For example. It's shorts and tanks feature a moisture wicking fabric and innovative design which absorbs all your sweats and keeps your body fresh. In my opinion, this makes a great gift for those who does any exercise or sports. If you want to see the entire sports line, click HERE, be amazed! And thank me later.

Grooming: Almost any men out there knows the iconic men's grooming brand Old Spice, this established authority has provided grooming essentials such as antiperspirant, hair products, razors, gels, colognes and so many others. For nearly 80 years this brand has been the beacon for providing top notch grooming experience to all ages. The two products I'm want to focus today are the pomade and sweet defense antiperspirant which both are vital pieces to a men's grooming standard. The Pomade is perfect to create hair styles by providing a moderate hold yet a low shine finish. The Sweet defense is your shield for unwanted body odors. It delivers 66% sweet reduction and while releasing a fresh, lasting scent. All in all, in these Men's grooming products, make a great holiday gift to anyone who wants to upgrade their swagger. If you want to join the gentleman's club of cool and fresh, click HERE and start buying today. 

This holiday season lets primarily give the gift of joy. Ultimately, loving your love ones prevails above all. Although, If possible try to convey that special love with any of the items mentioned above because our society is somewhat addicted to instant gratification.  This holiday season gift that active men in your life, products he would enjoy and be grateful.


This content is sponsored by Single Edition Media for BabbleBoxx Men. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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