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Halloween always has been a fun time for us, especially when it comes to looking for Chanell's costume. We have been in the Dominican Republic since mid-October and only returned to New York recently; therefore, we had to go costume shopping at the last minute. Even with our schedule jam-packed with commitments and other engagements back in NYC, we couldn't miss this special family tradition for Chanell. The best thing about it is that we could make it all work just in time thanks to Uber and their excellent features. In case you're not familiar with Uber, it is a car request app that lets you request a ride that takes you to your desired destination or, in our case, multiple destinations.

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Our Halloween costume adventure began shortly after I finished some work in Soho, New York, and had to pick up Rosanna and Chanell from a ballet class we've previously signed her up for. More on this in an upcoming post. As soon as I finished with my photographer, I opened the app to request an uberX to pick me up. As expected, it arrived fast and then proceeded to scoop them up and to the Halloween shop on 34th St. A new remarkable feature Uber just launched this month is the ability to add additional stops "multiple destinations" on your way to your final destination. It is simple; you only need to tap the 'Plus' button next to the #WhereTo search box, and you can add as many as three stops.

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Our experience at the Halloween shop was a bit hectic, as anyone would expect, during the days before Halloween. The store was over-crowded, but thankfully we could find Chanell's Wizard of OZ's Dorothy costume and a few other goodies for ourselves. All in all, this year's Halloween costume shopping experience was different for our family. Not only did we shop in New York City, instead of the suburbs of Long Island, as in previous years. It was incredible how we were able to accomplish and manage it all, in a convenient and timely manner, with uberX. Our family prioritizes safety, and the peace of mind that we had when riding with Uber, was unparalleled. We loved how they inform us of the identity of the driver, and the whereabouts of the car, before and during the ride. Special thanks to Uber to helping us continue our family tradition of Halloween costume shopping with our little one. It was a crazy one, but we would not have had it any other way. Until the next one, with love #GlamDapperFamily

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