Fall Essentials


Today the masses are guided by mass consumer brands which for the most part dictate what mostly everybody wears. The vast majority of these people have lost their individual styles due to the fact they choose to wear what's on the rack of their favorite retailer. 

It's my opinion that's important to differentiate yourself. How and what you wear is your presentation card to the world...Never forget that. With a few small details, you can give your outfit an 180-degree twist which would make you look different and won't sacrifice style. 

Yes!...use accessories that'll add value to your overall look and that's where Rella comes in as an accessories brand which, focuses on craftsmanship, quality, versatility and design. This company offers a variety of beautiful hats, gloves and scarfs in cashmere and other top fabrics that could be worn in urban settings, casual vibes or even dress up events. 

For our looks, we wanted to focus on casual vibes.

Rosanna: I opted to empathize a boho-chic look with the brown fringe bag and booties. To give the outfit a pop of color, I decided for a burnt yellow moto jacket to help do the trick. Finally, to harmonize the entire look, a Rella hat and gloves which, gave it a warm and comfy aesthetic. 

Winston: My look was inspired by the soft wear trend that's going on now. The ripped sweater, jeans and hat made the outfit feel comfortable without sacrificing style. I suggest wearing pieces that will ultimately make you feel goo because confidence is key mi gente. 

Overall, fashion is more about how you express yourself with essential items such as these from Rella. The versatility and quality they offer are top notch, we definitely recommend you guys check them out at your favorites fashion boutiques or department stores across the United States, Canada and Europe.  

This post is spondored by Rella. All the opinions are 100% my own.


Winston Javier

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