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Ever since I had the opportunity to try the Silk'N's Flash & Go home hair removal device, I've been blown away with its many benefits and results. The first time, I used this beautiful technology was about three months ago during the Summer, where I needed to periodically remove unwanted hair because I often wore clothing that showed my legs. In all honesty, back them, I was a bit skeptical because I was afraid this laser device was going and it never did. This post will focus on my three months review and how much time this device has safe me overall. 

A product like this is unique due to its innovative properties. It's Home Pulse Light makes the hair disappear for many months just after I few times you use it. And in my opinion, just this feature alone would sell the product. Other significant benefits are its size; portable, cute and straightforward to use. After many times using this beautiful technology, I can honestly say that is the best hair removal device on the market because it deals with unwanted hair in a painless and swift style. 

As usual, I'm always running around doing errands, family appointments, work related photo-shoots and travel assignments around the country. Thanks to the Flash & Go, I can quickly remove any unwanted hair and focus on more important things. Overall, this device has helped me by saving me time and money because I no longer need to visit beauty centers to receive professional services. Think about this ladies, there no wax involved, no razor burns and no side effects from harmful chemicals. If you decide to try it, go here and take the #NoShaveWave challenge, I promise you won't regret it. 

This post is sponsored by Silk'N. All the opinions expressed are 100% all mine.


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