7 Tips to Avoid Dry Skin and Maintain a Fresh Look for the Winter


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Hello ladies, hope you are doing well. Today on the blog I'm going to talk about beauty, especially skincare products. As you guys might know, lately I've been moving around quite a bit, and my skin gets a little bit weird from the constant temperatures changes. Now in New York is very cold, due to the Winter and today, I have a few tips to help with taking care of your skin during the Winter time.

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Remember our face is the presentation card we give the world. So, it always needs to look absolutely fabulous. Here are my suggestions to keep your skin beautiful during this time of year.

  1. Moisturize on a daily basis: During my experience with the new Olay Regenerist Whip moisturizer I’ve noticed when I apply makeup, my skin feels hydrated and smooth all day long, which with other creams in the past it was always a problem because they didn't mix well and left my makeup feeling uneven. Another point that I want to highlight about this product is its light fragrance, I'm not a fan of creams with strong scents, but I have to admit that this one convinced me, I'm even thinking of getting one for my mother-in-law. The overall changes that I've seen on my face ever since I've started moisturizing daily with the Regenerist Whip are that my skin looks radiant, fresh and hydrated.

  2. Don't use too many products at the same time, this clogs your pores, and your skin needs to breathe. Plus, if multiple products are on your face, the benefits you seek in one will be impaired by the other products.

  3. This goes without saying, but remember to drink plenty of water. One of the best forms of natural hydration for your skin comes via good old H2O, aim to drink several cups a day.

  4. Increase your consumption of vitamin c and antioxidants. Preferably, take the natural route by eating fruits and fresh green vegetables. If you find it hard, you can always try supplements.

  5. Try to avoid smoking, high amount of alcohol and caffeine. All these have properties that delay the regeneration of cells over time.

  6. Be attentive to hand washing, if you don't do it often, you could transfer germs when you touch your face and this action could harm your skin and provoke breakouts. Additionally, avoid using warm water because it opens your pores and essential oils wash away.

  7. Believe it or not, changes in temperature in your home increases that chances of dilated capillaries or spider veins. Therefore, it's important to maintain a moderate room temperature throughout your living quarters or place of work.

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I must say that keeping a radiant, fresh looking skin during the Winter months is not easy but also not impossible. I Hope that these tips help you avoid f#winterskinproblems and also provide a refreshing new look with the use of the new Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturizer.


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